How Do You Know When to Remodel or Renovate Your athrooms?

American Craftsman Renovation brings surety that your decision and timing are right on target for a bathroom remodel. Consider improving these situations with the guidance of the top general contractor in Savannah Georgia with over 28 years of experience. Schedule your free estimate and consultation with us today by calling 912-481-8353.

Condition of water pipes and dripping fixtures. You know that problems with old bathroom configurations or plumbing issues mean more trouble ahead and seem to be getting worse. American Craftsman Renovations is your experienced resource to bring to life your new bathroom renovation now

Family growing in size. You are hearing complaints daily about not enough space in that originally configured bathroom. You need a second sink or added shower. Even the addition of a half or full bathroom in a bathroom renovation would make home life more comfortable.

Bathroom style and décor very dated. Does not go with the rest of the house: Those chipped tiles and slippery floor or old toilets not up to code are troublesome. The color scheme is very dated and a bathroom remodel would help increase the value of your home.

American Craftsman Renovations is a local family-owned business with bathroom remodel and renovation expertise. We are the trusted choice for your repair, renovation and remodeling needs. We partner with you to look at and estimate at how your bathroom remodel investment dollars are best spent. Each project, however large or complex features our commitment to provide you with exceptional customer service and quality workmanship.

When a bathroom remodel leads to a plan for an upgrade in other rooms of your home, we can also handle those projects.

First, we meet with you in-home to go over your ideas and needs, take measurements of your space, and review short- and long-term goals. Then, we will draw out a scope of the work in great detail and provide options based on our expertise and knowledge of your timeline and budget. We are your partners in the numerous decisions involved in the bathroom remodel or renovation process. It helps to have us at your side to guide, advise, arrange and complete your bathroom remodel with the assurance of the professionals at American Craftsman Renovations.

Now is the time to remodel your bathroom. Rely on the top general contractor in Savannah GA, American Craftsman Renovations to get the project done with the highest level of ease and professionalism. Contact us today to schedule your free in- home estimate with us at 912-481-8353.